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Upgr8 team consist of highly talented and creative people with a commitment, motivation and indeed, a passion to design and supply all of your printing needs and to produce memorable event and experiences. Upgr8 studio has all the expertise under one roof, needed to make any event a success. We make creative designs for events, advertisements and various collaterals for your printing needs. For companies a company’s image is its finest selling point. Here at Upgr8 we do a lot more than just printing. We make commitments to our clients, a commitment to providing the best solutions for our clients visual presentation needs. From concept to completion of required services, each project is treated with the same high standard of services.

We work with our clients, embracing their marketing and communication strategies to provide service that convey their key messages and values in a diverse and creative manner. Upgr8 is proud of its strong client focus and long-term relationships.

We take pride in effectively satisfying the needs of demanding clients. At Upgr8 we know that efficiency and dependability will prove your ability to satisfy customers on all levels.

We understand the importance of capturing your memories for years to come.  Upgr8 deliver appropriate, innovative and cost effective services and solutions.








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To be recognized as the best and largest professional printing company and the leading online printing and event services company in the Philippines.

To deliver the best value and best quality services while employing a happy and high-performing team.

  We believe that the best ideas and solutions come from working well together.
● Optimistic Defiance
  We choose to keep a positive attitude that gets the work done and motivates others to do the same despite the challenges.
● Knowledge
  We understand that growth, innovation and excellence stem from continuously wanting to learn and improve.
● Keep moving!
  Fast-moving, we embrace efficiency and flexibility in completing our tasks and in all our work processes and procedures.